Product shipping from stores in America

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Shop online in the American stores

Many of the best online stores in the US don’t deliver to South Africa, so all these products are generally not available outside of the US. Amazon stopped their shipping to South Africa a little while ago, due to all the parcels going missing and not reaching the person that bought it from their Amazon online stores in America.

MyUS Ships Worldwide in 2-4 days!

US shopping assistant

Brilliant service to use to gain access to online shopping market in America,  get direct access to Top International Products and with the aid of this trusted service, you can buy anything from the online American stores – do this online from South Africa or any other country around the world.

If you are like me and you are a South African, you will notice that you can’t shop on most of these great American stores, as they don’t deliver to South Africa and this includes .

But this is how to-do it if you want to shop online the USA stores : first of all you can use this brilliant service to set-up your own US postal address for you, this is very cheap and so easy to do.

Once done, you can shop anywhere in America and simply use your US postal address and they will send your shopping to you.

Shopping online in America can be lots of fun and if you are not from America and you come across an online store in the USA that offers International shipping, you will often find that after adding their International shipping costs, the product become expensive and is no longer cheap.

That is where this company fits, you see they are not a shop, this is a fantastic service that deals in shipping and parcel forwarding. Their prices are good, as they are specialists in freight and International shipping.

This is a brilliant service and I used this and setup my own US postal address in a few minutes and now I can also shop online in any of the US stores and I now have the access to these fantastic products in the USA and they are very affordable.

This service offers a few options, with their starter pack for a little a $10 per year.! FAST Shipping for Global Shoppers.

Safe online Global-shopping in the USA.

The one thing that I can tell you about shopping online in America is, regardless of whether you buy from one of their online stores or not, if you need to get hold of them you can and they always respond to any online questions that you may have.

The Americans are the kings of customer service and you will more than likely get a faster response from them, than a supplier in your home country. Shop online in America and get access to more products and find what you are looking for.

This services makes it possible for anyone from South Africa or from any other part of the world, to now be able to shop online in the USA.

Save 80% on International Shipping and get your goods faster with 2-4 day delivery worldwide!

The above statement mat sound rather bold, but these guys are the world leaders in package delivery. US postal address and International shipping services.

Many USA stores will not ship to people outside the USA or charge very high fees to do so.

With MyUS you get your very own US address enabling you to buy from any US website.

Simply buy it online, get what you want and have it shipped to your MyUS Postal Address and the ship it to you anywhere in the world.

This International online shipping service gives you direct access to shop in some fantastic American stores and get a big choice of American Products and a fantastic range of International Products.

Get a look at the retail shops in America and find discounted prices on a great choice of goods. Bringing the American retail stores to the rest of the world and helping to make it possible to now shop online in USA.

South Africans used to miss out on the fabulous prices and Products from Amazon . com, as they don’t deliver to South Africa. But here is a service that you can use to shop in America and have it delivered to you in South Africa.

Get access to the best Products available and pay the same low prices that the Americans get. Get a “US Postal address” and start to shop online in the USA

Easy to buy Top Brands directly from the stores in the USA and have them delivered to you in South Africa, or anywhere around the globe with the exceptional customer service offering you a fantastic deal on all of your International shipping and parcel forwarding delivery service.

International Shipping with

We have partnered with to offer convenient, fast international shipping to more than 225 countries for our customers. members receive deeply discounted shipping rates, exceptional customer service, 24/7 online access to their account, and access to other services.

Sign up today and receive your own U.S. street address to receive merchandise. Purchases can be made from any website or store within the U.S. Those items are shipped to your own U.S. address, where provides specialized international package delivery service and parcel forwarding services from your new U.S. address to your international address.

Note: You get the best customer service when you take advantage of’s customer service with their Personal shopper service to make a buy from websites that do not accept International credit cards or those with International Billing Addresses. accepts all major credit cards and accept wire transfers, and they have a brilliant customer service that will make the buy on your behalf.

Follow these two steps and open the door to US online shopping :

1. Get your own U.S. address in America

2. Use your new U.S. address, provided by, when placing your order on U.S. websites.

If you are ordering multiple items, you’ll enjoy the most savings by using Premium Service. This gives you the ability to combine packages, which saves you even more on international shipping of products from the online stores in America.

If you would like magazines, letters and catalogs from the U.S. the Premium+Mail service is for you.

Fantastic Products now available in South Africa, visit these links or banners and gain access to a new world of shopping in South Africa. Buy it online, American Products now available to be shipped to South Africa and you will get it at a better price, safe reliable online ordering.

WHY DO MORE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD TRUST MyUS OVER ANYBODY ELSE? has been doing package forwarding for global customers longer than anybody else.

Which is true – since1997 to be exact. You could say they know more about how to ship because they ship a whole heck of a lot more – also true – by tens-of-thousands of packages per month.

They offer the lowest shipped cost and more features, flexibility, and service options than anybody else !

This is all true, but the most important reason MyUS is trusted and relied upon by more people around the world. Many companies talk about Service, they deliver service and are the experts at customer services.

They deliver dreams to every corner of the world, every day, with every package. These exciting Products are available to order from most destinations around the world.

Online shopping options

Now for some cool online shopping options, take a look at these services that you can use once you have your own US postal address. Options and online shopping services, you can take a look at some cool things on this next link.

Find some top International online stores, more shopping options and with this we are all able to shop on these Top stores and now able to get your shopping, anywhere around the world.

US online shops

Buy American Products online in South Africa, using this huge International online service is bringing the world to you and you can now get direct access, to the Products that you could never find in South Africa. has been the trusted choice for over 100,000 customers in over 200 countries since 1997. As the most experienced and established package forwarding company in the world, they pride themselves on providing customer service that is second-to-none.

It is their goal to create a seamless shopping experience for each of their Global customers so that everyone is able to shop without borders. No other company can give you as much comfort, experience and benefits as that is offered at

If you are not convinced, here is a Testimonial from one of their South African clients.

“I have just had a violin delivered to my front door in 3 days …USA  to Johannesburg. Your service is phenomenal. Even your staff in Johannesburg are proud to work for DHL…As the courier man said to me…we don’t drive the parcel to your house …we fly it to your house. Wow”.

– Jonathan, Africa

With that being said, this is the Group that gives you the ability to shop in some of the best American stores. The true International online shopping service – delivers what you buy.

Find anything and buy directly from American stores and the US has a fantastic range of online stores in America, take a look at the next link to see some of the better American stores.

Online shopping options

Shopping in America and using this service to gain access to these cool things, this just makes the world seem smaller as you can now shop online in America from any place around the world. Explore the department stores in the USA and save with the best service for International shipping of any of your shopping and the products bought from the online stores in America.

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