Hovercraft all terrain commercial vehicle

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Commercial Hovercraft sales – all terrain vehicle – the Hovercraft.

This would be the only true all terrain vehicle around, one that can travel on roads and over water, a Hovercraft. These brilliant vehicles are fantastic to use in awkward areas, they can go everywhere on land and on water and they are able to carry a good amount of weight.

Commercial Hovercraft now available in South Africa

Get the best deal on a commercial Hovercraft, deal directly with the Hovercraft factory – simply leave your details and your requirements in the comments section on the bottom of this page and someone from the UK Hovercraft factory will be in direct contact you, to discuss this all terrain vehicle, the Hovercraft.

Get a quote on a commercial Hovercraft

The most popular commercial hovercraft for sale they have available is configured with a 120HP Turbo powered 4 stroke engine that will lift 325 Kgs from an on-water start.

Hovercraft available in Africa

These can carry people or they can move stuff on land and they are able to transport a good amount of weight over the water, making this a fantastic alternative to your small one-ton commercial vehicle, take a look at the best commercial Hovercraft.

This is not your conventional construction vehicle, but this is one that can go where normal vehicles can’t, these are being used on sites around the world and they are having great success with these Hovercraft’s working at a Mine in Tanzania.

These commercial Hovercraft’s are available around the world, they are made in the UK with the finest and most durable products, these are low maintenance all terrain vehicle.

Easy to drive all terrain commercial vehicle

You don’t need a special license to drive one of these Hovercraft’s, they are very simple to use and after a few hours of practice, anyone can learn to master these Hovercraft’s.

These all terrain commercial Hovercraft’s are now available in South Africa. The costs of one of these would be like that of a small commercial vehicle.

Low-risk all terrain commercial vehicle

These would also not be high-risk vehicles as they are not in demand by the people who steal commercial vehicles. Save on Insurance costs and save on maintenance with no need to ever replace your vehicles tyres.

Multi-purpose commercial Hovercraft 

These brilliant Hovercraft’s are available in South Africa to use  for an all terrain vehicle. Hovercraft that are noisy have poor duct area designs, most noise if generated from the fan tips, so these have a larger duct than most, to get more air throughput at minimum fan rotation speed and less noise.

These are not made from Fibre Glass but from HDPE – this material is impact resistant and extremely durable.

Commercial Hovercraft built to last

For companies operating in difficult terrain and hazardous conditions, you can easily gain access to difficult areas 24/7. The Hov Pod SPX commercial hovercraft can cut your overheads considerably, particularly in areas with difficult terrain.

Commercial Hovercraft works anywhere

The Hov Pod can transport staff in safety over all sorts of terrain, and any time of the tidal day, they can quickly deliver people precisely to where they need to reach. These commercial small Hovercraft’s called the Hov Pod, can also double up as a rescue, support or standby craft.

The multi-purpose all terrain vehicle

These commercial Hovercraft’s are cheap to keep up as they have very few working parts, so you have less to worry about. Hovercraft’s could be used by Farms for the farmer to manage his farm, they could be used by Game Rangers to patrol their fences with no more punctures, or ever having to change a wheel. These are durable work horses and besides being fun, they offer a variety of commercial uses.

  • High speed marine sub surface & ground scanning survey & detection.
  • Rescue work from flooded areas, mud, sand, tidal areas. Hovercraft do not create the problem with downdraft associated with helicopters, & a fraction of the cost to buy, operate & maintain.
  • Rescuers can reach floods, mud, sand & ice victims without exposing rescuers to life threatening danger.
  • Distribution of famine or flood aid support craft. Relief work (United Nations).
  • Civil emergency & infrastructure support
  • Oil industry survey, exploration & pipeline patrol.
  • Electrical Power-line patrol & safety.
  • Remote mining access support vehicle.
  • River, lake & port geological surveys.
  • Mud & riverbed sampling.
  • Environmental projects & clean-up operations.
  • Airport bird scaring/support/rescue services.
  • Coastal civil engineering & bridge construction & repair/maintenance.
  • Transport, service & safety craft for river & low tide coastal work where 24-hour access is vital for staff safety.
  • Fish farm & low tide access.
  • Access to Riverside, lakeside & island properties. Hovercraft travel over mud, sand & ice. Hovercraft are not restricted by tide, or fast running water. Or shallow water, or submerged rocks, coral, or marine life.
  •  SuperYacht – can use them to get to the shore.
  • Construction sites
  • Mines
  • Farms
  • Land patrol

These commercial Hovercraft will give you more than you expect, their maintenance costs would be lower than that of a standard commercial one ton vehicle and they can go over difficult terrain.

Commercial Hovercraft, rescue Hovercraft, whatever your application, their commercial Hovercraft will suit companies that need to reach places that are out-of-bounds to conventional vehicles , therefore allow access to areas that no other vehicles can reach.

Discounted commercial Hovercraft

Then Hov Pod Hovercraft is perfectly suited to commercial applications – Hov Pods are manufactured from HDPE – this material is impact resistant, very buoyant yet lightweight.

Commercial Hovercraft sales

These commercial Hovercraft’s are impact resistance and the Hov Pod has superior strength, the skirt fabric is unique and is almost impossible to rip. These can get your workers to normally unreachable places, they are fast and efficient.

 All terrain vehicle the commercial Hovercraft

Deal directly with the Hovercraft factory

As every order is unique and these Hovercraft’s get sent to destinations around the world, to find out more about these commercial Hovercraft’s.

Simply leave your info and details as comment on this post notifying me of your interest and I will get the Hovercraft factory to contact you directly. They will give you the best prices on a commercial Hovercraft and you will deal directly with factory that makes the only true all terrain vehicle, the Hovercraft.

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