Online Advertising to help your Marketing plan

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Better online Advertising options for your marketing plan

SEO services and the best affordable online marketing solutions dedicated to see your online Advertising work. We offer Advertising and online marketing solutions to companies in South Africa and International companies that are looking for cheaper alternatives for their online Advertising spend.

Best online Advertising services

When you do your online Advertising right – you create a super-sales force that never eats or sleeps – but works 24/7 giving your Brand and your company the exposure it needs to see result with their sales.

Affordable rates for online targeted Advertising

We offer the best rates, we do not work on a pay per click basis, but work on a monthly set-fee, just $100 per month for targeted Advertising – these rates are affordable and we do more than was expected to make sure that your online marketing works and that your services are found when searched for on the Web.

Best online Advertising rates

Save on your online Advertising, try this service and be found on the front page of Google,  just $100 per-month fixed rate and these are cheap rates for online Advertising with targeted traffic on the Worldwide Web. We can also offer a link placement on the site at a rate of $40 per month per link.

Take advantage of these low prices, use the link below to contact us. We charge a small fixed-rate for online Advertising and this won’t break the Bank and you will get you found on the front page of Google.

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With the use of some effective SEO services and other online promotional services. We don’t just place banner Adverts on this site and hope that they will be clicked and looked at.

We would rather do an article about the services using the right SEO, and have that post found when your services are searched for. Doing it this way you will get a better chance of a click-through from the serious Internet surfers who are looking to find your products and your services.

Best value online Advertising

Effective affordable SEO services and online Advertising, offering targeted traffic with a committed effort and service to make your online Advertising work.

We deliver a good return on you online Advertising budget. So take advantage of these low online Advertising rates, contact us to save on your Advertising budget and to get the best rates for your online Advertising.

Contact for better online Advertising rates

Having the best product or service on the market is not good enough these days if you want the people who are looking to find you when searched for on the Internet.

Best online Advertising rates

You either need to have a big budget to spend with Google on their pay-per-click program, or you need to know how-to optimize your site and have it found when the people who are looking for it when they search on Google for your products or services.

Google is the best, but can you afford them ?

Google works on a pay-per click basis and as they basically own the net, they are the dominating service, but can you afford it ?

The prices that you can pay on the Google service is an uncertain amount and you could pay quiet a bit at the end of the day when you get your report on the displays and the click count of your Advertising.

If you have used this service before, I am sure that you got a fright at when you received your first account that you had to pay. Sometime it’s good and sometimes you can get a huge bill that could even sink you and close you down.

Pay per Click display Advertising is what you see in the margin of this site, there is no content just a display banner that will hopefully attract a potential buyer to click on that banner and to take advantage of what you are offering.

But you also pay for the display impressions and even more for any Clicks that are made, so it could cost you quiet a bit before a serious buyer clicks on your display Advert banner.

Affordable online Advertising option

If you want to save on your online Advertising, try our service and let us work together on your marketing plan – let us take care of your online exposure and we will get you direct targeted traffic at the best Advertising rates.

Get found with targeted online Advertising

Targeted traffic is far better than just getting millions of eye-balls, this is a service that will get your service found on the digital highway of the Internet.

Online Advertising options

For some more options on cost-effective online Advertising, take a look at these Platforms on the next link.

International online Advertising Platforms

Get found with the best online Advertising services

No surprises with unexpected pay-per click bills, just pay one small set-fee and know that your services or products will be found when they are searched for on Google. We are confident in what we do, however we only work with the trusted suppliers, we deliver results with more exposure and offer the best online Advertising.

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