Soweto Township Tours

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Soweto Township tours and cool things to do in South Africa

Ah yes, Africa is one of the most beautiful continents in the world and on the most Southern tip of Africa you will find South Africa, this is the most beautiful part of Africa and it was once called, the most beautiful place on earth and among all this beauty, are the Townships and the biggest one and the most famous one that you should visit and experience a Historic and fantastic Soweto Township tour

Soweto Township Tour

These are not very pretty, but they have a distinctive vibe, that you will only find in a  South African Township, a type of Township jive. You should try this Tour of Soweto and see Soweto under the supervision and guidance of people who know Soweto.

Soweto Township Tour

This tour introduces you to the sprawling metropolis of Soweto (South Western Township), situated on the outskirts of Johannesburg.Travel around the city’s informal settlements and affluent suburbs to get a feel of the town’s turbulent history. See the Mandela House, a small house in Orlando West, where Nelson Mandela lived with his first wife.

Wonder around the four inter-linked rooms and see an assortment of photographs, paintings and family memorabilia of the worlds most famous prisoner.

Hector Peterson Memorial is yet another significant landmark, named after a 13-year old boy who was shot dead in the early days of the Soweto uprising.

The Hector Peterson Museum offers a glimpse into Sowetos struggle against apartheid and its turbulent history.

On this tour of Soweto, let its important historical landmarks draw you into South Africa’s struggle against apartheid and its fight for equality.

Township Tour booking

Being a local South African myself and having experienced some fantastic adventures in South Africa, I thought that I would share some tips and to offer you some great services to see more of South Africa.

Experience some of the better things in South Africa, you can save time and money by booking your tours in advance, just click on this banner and see what fun you can have in South Africa.

A visit to a Township in South Africa is rather a new experience, this is a very interesting thing to see and you will find this is a great experience and an affordable Township Tour experience.

Look through this service and see what things are not to be missed and you can find a list of  exciting things do and places to see in South Africa, this place is full of adventure.

With a nice choice of things to do and some exciting tours, Township Tours, safari tours, Cape winelands tours, coastal tours and the list goes on.

See the Cradle of Human kind and see the beginnings of man, or take on a Safari Adventure to feel the thrill of the wild and feel the buzz of a real South African Township, on one of these affordable tours.

Township Tours 

Relatively new adventure experience in South Africa and the latest craze in Tours in South Africa. Now this is a very exciting thing to do and you will learn how other cultures lives.

and experience their special local magic. Visiting their Taverns, or what the locals call them “Shebeens” and try to see if you can stomach one of their traditional drinks.

Tourists and locals have taken to this concept of visiting a Township. But if you are going to experience a South African Township, don’t just go there unaccompanied, you must go into Soweto Township with a Guide.

This is a scary place if you are alone and there are still bad elements around,  so I would not recommend that you go to a Township alone.

With that being said, if you are looking for a great unforgettable experience, then you should try an official tour to one of these Township tours. See the vibe and experience the jive, as these places are a buzz of activity and you can see how another culture lives and plays.

Going on a guided tour into a Township is the only way to do it and these guys know all the best spots, they know the people and they will show you a good time.

This is a very warm experience that you will never forget.
And a Soweto Township Tour this is an unusual activity, but it is something that you will like, when you see as you experience the Township vibe.

I would suggest that you take a look through this service and you can get a good idea of what is available to do in South Africa. They cover some of the best things to do, giving you one of the best online booking systems for activities and tour booking.

With this system, you will be able to book the one of the best Soweto Tours and some other exciting Tours and activities.

Now that you have found some cool things to do, you may want to look at the next link, for more services to Travel and to see what else you can experience and take a look at this online services and more details.

Tour Booking in South Africa

The Kruger National Park

Tours and sightseeing in South Africa, visit and explore and use these services to get added value on your experiences around South Africa and the most sought after experience is a visit to the Kruger National Park.

For some good tips and services, take a look at this next link and you will find the best way to visit the Kruger National Park and you will have access to all that you need to have a great and an affordable Safari adventure in the Kruger National Park, visit the next link and experience a true Safari.

Kruger National Park.

Car rental in South Africa

Now if you are visiting South Africa, you will need a car, this will allow you the freedom to see this beautiful country. Take a look at the next link for the easiest way to reserve your rental car and you will save with this service for car rental reservations.

Car rental 

Visit these links and you will get access to book Soweto tour and adventure in South Africa, this will save time and money when you book in advance and you book any of these experiences online.

The best Township tour is the Soweto tour and you can experience these tours, the new adventure experiences in South Africa and they are exciting tours and things to do and experience the best Soweto Township tour.

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